Three creams to firm and tone crepey necks

If you’re using your normal face cream on your neck you might need to think again.

Necks are different – they have thinner skin and less fat.  As a result – your neck is likely to age quicker than any just about anywhere else on your body and face –  apart from the under eye area.

It goes further than your neck too – the area from your chin to your bust is prone to crepey skin – and it tends to suddenly show up when you’re least expecting it. One moment you looked fine in your summer top – the next you seem to be wearing a much older person’s skin.

The temptation is to start slapping on added moisture in a bid to banish the crepe paper look. The problem is your normal face moisturizer or hydrating cream may be too heavy for the more delicate skin on your neck so you could end up making the problem even worse.  

Why your choice is small

You need anti aging skin care that specifically targets your neck area and you might expect to be confused by an overwhelming range of products.

Not so. Too much choice is definitely not going to be a problem when it comes to finding a neck cream – it is surprising how few skin care manufacturers actually make one.

It could be that the demand for a specialist neck cream is low so returns are small. Perhaps consumers haven’t got the message that this area needs special treatment or simply feel it’s another product they don’t need or can’t afford to buy.

Certainly many mass market brands like L’Oreal, Olay, Roc, Boots and others steer clear. Strivectin is one big brand name that has brought out a specialist version of its best selling line – Strivectin Neck Cream is widely available and the best deal is on Amazon with plenty of reviewers both for and against.

Otherwise you have to search quite hard to find top skin care lines with targeted products.

Mixed reviews for most neck creams

Like the Strivectin product – most of the products I found have mixed reviews at best – quite wildly mixed actually and I think this could be to do with exaggerated expectations before buying. What you are going to get is a cream that will or should give you an improved look to your neck and decollete – but it won’t restore the neck you had in your teens and twenties.

So when you scan the reviews bear in mind that individuals vary – they have different lifestyle histories – some are smokers – some may have lost or gained a lot of weight – some take more exercise and are generally fitter and more toned. All these things will impact how a cream works for you.

Whilst you are thinking about some extra tlc for your neck – you might also want to take a look at a previous article for some ideas on preventing your neck wrinkles getting worse.

Three good creams to try

And if you want to try a cream as well – here’s my suggestions for some excellent products from good skin care brands all of which should improve help tone and firm crepey skin and eliminate some of the wrinkles you already have.

1. Pevonia Restore Neck and Bust Cream Swiss company Pevonia make highly effective skin care based on natural active ingredients. This cream targets loss of tone and saggy skin in the neck and bust area using caffeine as a stimulating and firming ingredient. Improves the skin’s natural production of elastin. For best possible results use with the partner product Pevonia Restore Neck and Bust Concentrate which is described as “liquid therapy for your neck” by one satisfied customer. On Amazon only one review for the neck cream and it is a bad one so buying is a bit of a leap of faith.

2. Borba Firming Neck Cream – Borba is a skin care line that has had a lot of great reviews recently. This powerful formulation for the neck and bust is based on acai, pomegranate, green tea and soy at high levels to provide maximum antioxidant protection from skin aging. This amazing cream also has hydrolyzed spandex fibers – which act like real spandex and support skin elasticity. Diamond powder reflects light to reduce the appearance of imperfections. Reviewed well on other sites than Amazon where there are no reviews currently.

3.Dr Brandt V-Zone Neck a firming neck and decollete treatment from the successful Time Arrest line by Dr Brandt. Glycolic acid helps to erase the signs of sun damage and shea butter provides ultimate moisturizing. The cream promises a younger looking neck and bust area with a more even and radiant skin tone. Dr Brandt is a highly respected dermatologist line that usually delivers on its promises.  Judging by the reviews online this product is one of the best neck creams around.

If you haven’t used a special neck cream before – any of these products should give you a marked improvement in skin tone and elasticity with regular use but I would probably go – as I have just done – for the Dr Brandt neck cream.  Strivectin Neck Cream is also probably a good buy from a reliable brand.

What exactly is my decollete?

Here I am suggesting you smear cream all over your neck and decollete but what do we really mean here? In the interests of coyness we all start using French terminology which probably does nothing but cause confusion.

You could waste an awful lot of expensive cream if you try and cover too big an area. So just how far down – and across to go?

I think the best bet is to follow the good Dr Brandt’s hint – apply your neck cream over what he calls the ‘V Zone’. Look in the mirror and trace a V shaped area from the bottom of either side of your neck down to the top of your bust. That’s the area that gets most exposure to sun and where the skin is thinnest. It’s also the place most of us least want to see paper thin crepey skin!

To avoid going through pots of cream at an alarming rate my tip is to first warm and moisten the area with a muslin cloth or flannel held under a hot tap and wrung almost dry. Lay over the V-Zone and then immediately apply small dots of cream and smooth in. The moisture allows the cream to spread further and the warmth opens the pores slightly to allow the active ingredients to penetrate.

Don’t forget it is regular use of any skin care product that counts in the end – persevere and you should see marked improvements in firmness and skin tone.

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