Anti aging breakthrough: sirtuins

The science of anti aging has a new star – sirtuins. An important study at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has put the research spotlight on a family of enzymes called ‘sirtuins’.

You may be wondering why that matters to you. Well if you’re interested in how to look younger and age gracefully – sirtuins may matter more than you know.

Researchers first started to focus on the role of sirtuins in anti aging in 2001. At that time, studies were done at many top universities to investigate the effects of calorie restriction on life extension.

One of the off-shoots of these studies was to establish a clear link between sirtuins and lifespan extension.

Now a more recent study has revealed the huge anti aging potential of sirtuins in a way that has many biotechnology companies eager to take developments further. Possible applications include the development of new drugs for diabetes and neurological disorders like Alzheimers and Huntingdons.

Even more exciting – for those of us who care about wrinkles – is the  use of sirtuins in the development of new anti aging skin care ingredients.

The science behind these developments is complex and can be difficult to grasp.  Even if you don’t want to know too much about ‘the science bit’ – you’d do well to remember ‘sirtuins’ and ‘resveratrol’ – there’s no doubt they are set to become the new anti aging buzz-words.

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