Ten tips for neck wrinkles

get-rid-of-neck-wrinklesIf you’re interested in looking good as you get older it’s not a good idea to ignore your neck.

Neck wrinkles are often one of the first giveaway signs of skin aging after eyes. Even if you have a flawless wrinkle free face – saggy skin and a wrinkly neck make you look much older than you are .

The strange thing is that many of us spend time and money cleansing, toning and moisturizing our faces and stop at the jaw line leaving our neck and decollete to look after itself.

The neck area has some of the thinnest skin on our bodies and is exposed most of the time to damaging UVA and UVB rays – and yet we so often leave it unprotected.

And as we age so the problem gets worse. Aging can cause the neck area to sag – gravity kicks in and pulls the skin downward. The support system is compromised, leaving the neck area loose and wrinkly.

We tend to lose fat in the neck area as we get older.  It’s this lack of fat as well as weakened muscles that creates the saggy skin and banding around the neck – the look cruelly described as “turkey neck”.

The bust or decollete is another neglected zone and similarly prone to skin aging. The same problem of thin skin and UV exposure creates the crepey looking skin which can be so aging. Even more distressing if you have a good figure and want to show it off.

As in everything – genes play a part in how good your neck will look as you age. Not something you can do too much about. But if the look of your neck worries you and you want to resist further saggy skin and neck wrinkles – here’s ten practical tips.

  1. Treat your neck as if it’s your face – don’t stop at the jaw line. Extend your anti aging skin care to your neck and bust area and do it every day morning and night.
  2. Wear sunscreen every day – summer and winter – on your neck or any part of your throat and decollete exposed to the light or to harsh weather conditions. Take it down below the level of clothes you will be wearing and don’t forget the back of the neck if you have short hair. Many women develop deep lines at the back and side of their necks from UV damage over time.
  3. Buy a special neck cream to rejuvenate the skin and to tighten and lift the whole neck and throat area. A standard anti aging cream may be too heavy for the delicate neck area and may pull and drag the skin more.
  4. Apply your neck cream with both hands using light upward strokes towards the chin. Avoid dragging or pulling the skin.
  5. Treat hyperpigmentation with a serum for the neck and decollete to lighten skin, boost radiance and even out skin tone
  6. If you smoke – give up. Smoking destroys collagen and robs the skin of oxygen. The thinnest skin suffers first and the skin on your decollete and neck will become crepey and lined more quickly.
  7. Improve your diet and build in more antioxidant rich foods and essential fatty acids. Take an anti aging supplement to boost nutrients you may lack like Omega 3’s, vitamin C and vitamin E.
  8. Take more exercise to build muscle tone and improve oxygen and nutrient delivery to skin cells.
  9. Do some facial exercises for your neck – there are several exercises targeted to get rid of double chins, tighten jowls and saggy skin.
  10. Pay attention to your posture. The way you walk, sit and stand can make neck wrinkles and a double chin worse. Do you often have your head down allowing your neck to settle into wrinkles? Computer or laptop usage is notorious for this – check the position of your computer and adjust it so you don’t have to look down. Walk tall and straight as if your body is being pulled up by an invisible string from the top of your head.

If you have been guilty of ignoring your neck in the past – and who hasn’t – give it some tender loving care now. Your neck will respond to treatment and neck wrinkles and saggy skin will improve more quickly than you think.

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