Why plastic surgery isn’t enough

surgeons-anti-aging-skin-careIn the fight against the signs of aging – many women consider that surgery is the only real answer.  An anti aging cream just isn’t a radical enough solution.

This may have been true in years gone by but the skin care market has moved on. There’s been something of a revolution in skin care for mature women in the last five years or so.

Suddenly every sought after plastic surgeon you could think of has brought out their own anti aging skin care range.

Seems odd at first glance – if facial surgery really does deliver the goods and make you look younger why would plastic surgeons bother to get involved in skin care?

Mostly, of course, it’s because what happens during the recovery period after surgery is vital to how happy patients are with the results.

The aim was to get their patients to heal quicker – from scars, peels and lasers – extreme skin damage in other words.  So plastic surgeons became experts in developing superb creams, serums, gels and masks to heal and repair skin. Healing and repairing skin is only a tiny step away from creating products with renewing and rejuvenating effects.

Plastic surgeons weren’t tied by the same limits as manufacturers of over the counter anti aging products. Plastic surgeons were able to prescribe topical creams with large amounts of the most active ingredients they could find.  The emphasis was on results and the products were all supplied under prescription.

Then something interesting happened. Skin care technology and knowledge moved on so dermatologist and plastic surgeons were able to develop anti aging creams which crossed the boundary from merely ‘cosmetic’ to ‘pharmaceutical’.

Something called a cosmeceutical was created.

Cosmetics merely enhance or improve the appearance of skin – pharmaceuticals change the skin from within. Cosmeceuticals are somewhere inbetween – highly active ingredients delivered to deeper layers of the skin with a much higher level of effectiveness than ever imagined before.

Dr Greg Brown, plastic surgeon and creator of Revive Skincare sums it up: “You can get rid of a turkey gobbler and take out bags, but surgery cannot give you the succulent soft skin you had in your twenties.”

The point of all this is that plastic surgeons know that only anti aging skin care products can restore and repair the structure of the skin itself. Plastic surgery can remove sagging skin but it can’t rejuvenate the skin left behind.

That’s one of the reasons that aggressive surgery can look so weird – older skin stretched tighter to mimic a youthful look.

Nowadays no good surgeon would operate on a patient without recommending an intensive skin repair program afterwards – usually with their own products.

Increasingly a lot of plastic surgeons and dermatologists have stepped out of the office and into the online store selling their own creams to customers as well as patients.

It seems that many top plastic surgeons now believe that the secret of younger looking skin lies in anti aging skin care rather than more plastic surgery!

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