Lift Fusion: Facelift in a bottle?

topical-injectable-LiftFusionLift Fusion Face Lift from Fusion Beauty makes very strong claims to deliver younger looking skin in minutes.

The makers of the celebrity A-listers favorite lip plumper – Fusion Beauty – have produced what they call the first ‘topical injectable’. Something of a contradiction in terms if you ask me but we get the idea.

The aim is to offer a real alternative to botox plus restylane which is the path followed by many women wanting to improve or eliminate facial wrinkles. But is there such a thing as botox in a bottle?

Like botox injections – LiftFusion Face Lift deals with wrinkles caused by facial movement – expression lines as my mother used to call them.

Fusion Beauty have patented something they call M-Tox which is carried within nanospheres so it can penetrate the outer layer of the skin. M-tox is ‘a proprietary blend of anti wrinkle ingredients and muscle inhibitors’ which absorp on contact with the skin to fill and smooth your wrinkles in a matter of minutes.

Although it’s not totally clear from the blurb – the technology seems to be based on hyaluronic acid spheres which are the basis of wrinkle filler formulations combined with a muscle relaxant similar to Freeze 24/7.

LiftFusion also contains proteins to boost the skin’s collagen structure over the longer term producing what they call a face lift in a bottle – an effect that is supposed to be more permanent.

Fusion Beauty claim their product will do the following (the words are lifted from the product information page):

  • transform the skin’s appearance into firm, smooth, virtually wrinkle-free skin
  • smooth even deep wrinkles
  • soften vertical and horizontal forehead furrows, frown lines, crow’s feet and nasolabial lines
  • dramatically transform skin tone and texture

And all without the discomfort and inconvenience of botox injections and restylane – apparently. The serum has to be applied am and pm for best results and should be applied under make up or moisturizer.

Bear in mind what your common sense probably tells you as you are reading this – a topical product such as LiftFusion cannot deliver exactly the same results as a  muscle relaxant like botox or an injectable dermal filler – let alone a face lift.

If it were able to do that then you wouldn’t be able to buy it over the counter – you would be visiting a derm doctor in office.  So the first step is to lower your expectations and avoid swallowing the hype surrounding the product.

You may get some of the effects promised – probably at a much lower level is my guess as I haven’t used it.  The only real way to see if it works for you is to try it.  As it promises some results very quickly you will be able to tell if it is the best skin serum ever within the 30 day return period and you can just send it back if it doesn’t do what it says.

So if you are going to try it make sure you buy from a good online dermatologist based site like SkinCareRXor their sister site Apothica.  This is not a cheap product and you need to make sure you get the guaranteed return policy. Don’t forget to check out the rules on returns before you buy it in case you need to send anything back.

There are plenty of good reviews for the product out there and if it does deliver younger looking skin as promised then – even if it’s not really botox in a bottle – it could be worth spending the money.

Personally – I think there are so many better botox creams out there now I’d hold back and put my money on one of the more advanced products like Peter Thomas Roth’s FIRMx Serum or Dr Brandt’s Crease Release.

They don’t promise the instant results you get from an injection but you are likely to get better looking skin in the long run!

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