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review-body-exfoliatorsSummer means one thing – more skin exposure. And if you’re 40+ and your winter skin is less than cared for now is the time to give it some extra tender loving care.

If you live anywhere in the Northern half of the world your skin has probably spent most of winter smothered in long sleeved, high neck knitwear.

Wherever you live – chances are you’ll be wearing less and exposing more come the summer so make sure your skin is up to it.

Exfoliating means skin takes moisture more easily, feels super soft and glows like younger skin. Dry, dead looking skin is very aging -whatever your real age.

Exfoliating regularly is also essential for a smooth all over golden glow – whether from a bottle or the sun.

Body exfoliators come as pre-shower, in-shower or after-shower creams and lotions. Pre-shower and in-shower formulations are usually pastes which you apply to your body and slough off in the shower.

There are also several new products around which you apply to clean skin after showering – high levels of glycolic acid (AHA) do the exfoliating for you without the mess.

So get scrubbing and polishing now with these great body exfoliators to get your skin glowing for summer:

  1. Bliss Hot Salt Scrub – best selling all over sea salt scrub with an addictive wake up fragrance spiked with eucalyptus and rosemary oils.  The instructions tell you to rub it in to dry skin but it works just as well as an in shower scrub applied to damp skin.  For even more velvety skin and a lovely lingering soft scent finish off with one of the luscious Bliss body butters – Vanilla and Bergamot is my all time favorite.
  2. Dr Michelle Copeland Microdermabrasion Formula – Smooths and purifies skin as well as helping to remove sun damage. Contains vitamins C and E for skin renewal plus micro particles and AHA for deep exfoliation. A great rejuvenating product that you can use all over your body and on your face.
  3. Philosophy Amazing Grace Hot Salt Scrub – an in-shower, non-oily high performance salt scrub with the lovely Amazing Grace fragrance. Contains glycerin so skin is softened and moisturized with the exfoliating action. True polishing action and skin is softly scented when you come out of the shower. If you love the fragrance you can “layer” with all the other products from the Amazing Grace range.

Whatever you choose – the important thing is to get started now and exfoliate regularly so your skin is at its radiant best right through the summer!

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