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skin-care-from-dermatologistsDermatologists used to be people who treated skin problems – rashes, itching, break outs – if you had any of these you took yourself off to a dermatologist’s office for a talk to the best skin doc you could find.

Recently dermatologists have moved out of the office and into the laboratory. You must have noticed it yourself – how anti aging skin care has changed.

Dermatologist recommended skin care is definitely the hot new anti aging trend.

Ranges like Murad Skin Care, Dr Brandt, Perricone MD, Obagi, MD Skincare, Skin Medica, Skinceuticals and many others are all best selling skin care ranges developed by top level dermatologists and doctors.

It makes sense of course – who else knows so much about skin?

Who else has direct experience of how skin behaves on a day to day basis than a Doctor specifically trained and experienced in treating it?

Derm doctors spend their working lives consulting patients and using prescription creams and lotions to treat skin problems of all kinds including the symptoms of skin aging. They get to know at first hand what ingredients really work and at what levels in a formulation on a wide range of skin types.

It was only a short step to move from writing the prescription to creating the skin care formulation. Read their biographies and you find out that most dermatologists started to create skin care products to treat their own patients in their offices.

More and more patients started to demand skin care that was effective than what was available over the counter in treating wrinkles, getting rid of age spots and firming sagging skin.

Dermatologists were able to produce prescription skin care creams  and the very best face serums with high levels of effective ingredients – many of them close to medication in their effectiveness. These products were labelled “cosmeceuticals” because they crossed the line between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals and they have become big news in most anti aging skin care.

Now – that same level of active skin care is freely available in some of the best beauty stores outside the confines of the clinics.

And dermatologist recommended skin care products are now readily available online too.  Over the last 5-10 years with the rise in online shopping – dermatologist skin care sites have emerged offering specialist skin care to online customers with point of sale detailed advice and information.

If you want to buy from one brand – you can do so easily online as many of the best dermatologist skin care lines have their own websites.  One of the very best examples is Murad Skin Care – the website is clear, concise and full of informative reviews and product videos.

If you are unsure or want a wider choice of brands then sites like SkinCareRX or DermStore have been set up and are still overseen by board certified derms who understand that most of us may not want to take time out to visit their offices but we still need guidance through the anti aging skin care minefield.

Highly active dermatologist designed skin care is definitely here to stay – and for the average consumer that has to be a very good thing

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