Freeze 24/7: Cindarella cream?

freeze-247-cindarella-creamWe all like a good fairy story and sometimes it seems the folks in charge of skin care marketing like them more than most.

You must have caught something of the original buzz around what became one of the the hottest anti aging creams to hit the market in recent years – Freeze 24/7 Anti Wrinkle Cream

Freeze 247 products have been shown on just about every TV network and in all the beauty magazines that are worth getting into.  Naturally the publicity avalanche really started with an extensive feature on Oprah including a live demo.

But was all this just the result of an amazingly successful public relations campaign or did this stuff really work?

On the face of it the claims from the manufacturers seemed to be unlikely.  The anti wrinkle cream apparently “melts away” wrinkles, reduces the appearance of acne scars, rosacea and enlarged pores, is a safe alternative to botox and gives the skin a plumper more youthful appearance. 

Not only that but it does all this in a matter of minutes – it doesn’t give you a glittery dress and a mouse drawn carriage but otherwise it’s just like the fairy godmother sprinkled you with magic dust.

Most of us at this point would normally walk away laughing.  But you have to take seriously the research behind this anti wrinkle cream, the impressive results from clinical trials, the prestigious awards Freeze 24/7 has won and – most importantly of all – the reactions and testimonials from satisfied customers.

The product pitches itself as a botox alternative.  The science behind the cream is based on wrinkle relaxing technology – the same approach botox takes but without the pain or side effects – an not half as long lasting. 

Like Dr Brandt Crease Release the key ingredient in Freeze 24/7 is GABA – the body’s natural muscle relaxer – in conjunction with a magic mix of other highly active ingredients to produce the anti wrinkle effect.

The company submitted the cream to independant clinical testing and results were remarkable – 100% of testers reporting significant reduction in wrinkles and lines. Of course – it does depend on the state of the testers skin to start with and whether they were used to regularly using any form of anti aging product. If you didn’t you would get massive improvements just from a simple hydrating cream regularly applied.

Nonetheless – clinical trials seem to have been reproduced in customer reactions if the reviews I’ve seen around the forums and on beauty sites are anything to go by.

Freeze 24/7 Anti Wrinkle Cream should be applied after cleansing and exfoliating on completely dry skin.  According to the reviews I’ve read – it’s important to use very small amounts of the product and to pat it on the skin lightly.  If you’re too heavy handed you’ll get flaking.

You’ll need an anti aging cream or moisturizer on top and you may be better to stick with the recommended moisturizer from the same range – Freeze 24/7 Ice Cream Double Scoop. I’m not sure I can take the product seriously though with a name like that. If you feel the same you can buy both products as a Miracle Kit that comes with a complete set of tester size products that all work together.

Don’t forget that the anti wrinkle effect of the product is short lived – maximum 24 hours as the name suggests.  The cost is fairly high for a small 1 oz pot so you may prefer to make this a special occasion product.

But remember – just like Cinderella – get home before it wears off!

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