Banish puffy eyes: top tips for morning and night

banish-puffy-eyesPuffy eyes can make you look terrible – especially in the morning when you ought to look younger and fresher than when you went to bed.  Even if your eyes don’t look as puffed up as Rocky’s – it’s really not a look you want.

There can be a range of causes for puffy eyes – the most common is toxic build up from poor lymphatic drainage and sluggish circulation.

Whatever the cause – you want those swollen eyes gone.  Not only do you look terrible but puffiness stretches the delicate under eye skin and cause wrinkles. Here’s our tips for a morning and night time routine to get rid of your puffy eye problem for good.

Puffy eyes in the morning

Whether this is a big problem for you or not – your eyes are going to be at their most puffy firs thing in the morning when you wake up.

It’s important to get your circulation moving as soon as you get out of bed. Take 10 good slow deep breaths and then jump around the room for several minutes (both feet off the ground like you’re on a pogo stick) until you feel your pulse rate rise and your skin is flushed.  Sounds ridiculous but it works!

Drink a glass of water first thing to eliminate toxins – under eye puffiness is a sign your lymphatic system isn’t working as well as it should.  Follow with some fresh apple juice at breakfast – one of the best natural detoxes there is.

Stimulate the lymphatic system with at least 2 minutes tapping massage around the eye socket area. With one hand over each eye use the middle or third finger to tap firmly and rapidly around the whole of the eye socket. Press your thumbs under the brow arch in the inner corner of the eye to drain the lymph system and hold for a minute.

Lie on the bed and apply a cool compress for at least 10 minutes with your eyes closed. Use two cold wet tea bags (store them in the fridge) or cotton pads soaked in eye lotion. The tea bags trick for puffy eyes isn’t as silly as it sounds – celebs like Helen Mirren swear by it and it gets my vote over expensive pre-soaked eye pads any time.

Recycling your tea bags as a puffy eye treatment has proper grounding in scientific research – it’s the caffeine and tannins in the tea that have an astringent and anti-inflammatory effect apparently. The coldness of the fridge adds to their effectiveness in reducing swelling and the wet tea bags mould themselves to the contours of your eyes better than cotton wool and without the bits of linament sticking to your skin.

Apply an under eye cream or gel formulated to reduce puffiness and swelling and give it plenty of time (at least 5 minutes) to sink in before applying any make up.  Try Murad Renewing Eye Cream which has pentapeptides to reduce puffiness and eye brightening complex to deal with your dark circles as well. 

Bed time tips for puffy eyes

Night time is important if your eyes tend to swell up overnight – what you do now will help reduce eye puffiness or make it worse.

Sleep with your head higher than your feet rather than the other way round to aid lymphatic drainage – use two pillows if necessary.

Boost your oxygen intake – sleep with the window open.  Breathing in stale air (yours or anyone elses!) is bound to make your eyes more puffed up in the morning. You need a source of clean, fresh air in the room you sleep in.

Remove your eye make up – every scrap – or puffy, swollen eyes and eye wrinkles will surely follow.  Use an effective but gentle eye make up remover. 

Be careful when choosing your eye cream – avoid any thing over rich or heavy.  Use an ultra light product like Murad Essential-C Eye Cream and apply it sparingly tapping around the eye bone.

Don’t drink water immediately before going to bed – take in the water you need during the day.  You need water during the day – around 8-10 large glasses – to flush out salts and toxins from your system.  Salt in particular is a big factor in fluid retention and a major cause of puffiness. 

What you definitely don’t need is lots of water before going to sleep. So cut right back on water intake as bed time approaches and stop completely about 2 hours before you hit the sack.  Drinking too much water too late in the night is a contributor to puffiness under your eyes.

That’s it – you should be well on the way to eliminating your puffy eyes and you won’t have to see Rocky in your morning mirror!

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  1. Another tip. Take a couple of whiffs of Olbas oil B4 you go to bed, as blockages in your sinus / addenoids can lead to dark areas under your eyes. My young son had dark patches under his eyes and also had hay fever. On recommendation I tried the Olbas oil trick and after a couple of weeks the dark areas around his eyes were hardly noticeable.

    • Marcus – that is a great tip I hadn’t thought of. It just makes sense clearing your sinus with Olbas inhaler or oil at bedtime to banish the puffiness.

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