Three minute skin care regimen

speedy-skin-care-regimenYou know very well what you should be doing every single day and you may start the week with the best of intentions but sometimes the pace of modern life just takes over.

So what is the minimum daily anti aging skin care regimen that you can get away with?

Most dermatologists agree nowadays that you should be doing three things every day to look after your skin – cleanse, tone and moisturize. Once you get past a certain age many skin experts believe you can even ditch the skin toner step. But cleansing and moisturizing are absolutely essential if you want your skin to continue to look its best.

The problem is we are all so short of time nowadays – we just try to cram too much into the ever shrinking day and sometimes it’s the time spent on ourselves that goes out the window.

So – no matter how much you care about looking good it can be very tempting skip the skin care routine altogether and just run out of the door in the morning or flop into bed exhausted at night.

But rather than abandoning everything why not recognize that sometimes you will be so pushed for time you need a quicker, more pared down routine that you get done in two to three minutes tops.

Here’s some tips on how to do that without missing what really matters.

Night time skin care tends to take most time in my experience because you have to get rid of the day’s grime and gunk. A great way of shortening your evening skin care regimen is to buy some cleansing wipes and use them when you don’t have the time or are too tired to use your normal cleanser and toner.

Cleansing wipes are wonderful time savers to rid your skin of all your make up – particularly in the evening after a long day when what you most want to do is fall into bed. There are so many brands available on the supermarket shelves to fit most skin types and ages. I tend to prefer a more moisturizing version which doesn’t dry out my skin too much.

The great thing about wipes is they provide the benefits of a cleanse and tone in one so you can pass on the toning stage and move straight to your normal moisturizer. Then that’s it – you’re ready for bed in just a few minutes – and you still took all your make up off!

On the nights when you’re not so tired – you can do the full cleanse and tone and twice a week or so add in the exfoliation step to slough off the dead skin cells and let active ingredients in your face cream penetrate deeper into the dermis.

Morning skin care is usually quicker because you start with a cleaner face but weekday mornings can be a challenge when you’re having trouble getting out the door in time. On mornings like that – just use your toner to freshen your face.  Go straight to your moisturizer before applying your make up.

This shorter version of cleanse and tone is probably a couple of minutes at most.  Even the most time challenged amongst us can manage that.

A regular anti aging skin care regimen is essential to keep your skin looking great as you get older.  Cut corners when you’re short of time or very tired – but don’t let it go completely.

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