Anti aging beauty: act your age

anti aging beauty‘Act your age’ is probably the best anti aging beauty advice you can get.

You may wonder how that can be true.  Being told to ‘act your age’ is usually a criticism of your behavior. 

How many times in your youth were you told to act your age?  Probably as soon as you were old enough to understand what age was, you were told to grow up and act your age!

Think about it – the drive to look younger is all around us – there are even TV programs and websites devoted to telling us how to look ten years younger. But when it comes down to it – your age really is just a number. 

Age is nothing more than a means of measuring the number of years we’ve resided on this planet. That’s it – nothing more and nothing less.

Sure, age can give an indication as to the state of our physical and mental health but it’s far from a foolproof method. Just think of Susan Sarandon, Helen Mirren, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jane Fonda or Meryl Streep. Do their chronological ages give a true indication of their looks, fitness or abilities?

How many 50 year olds do you know who are ‘older’ than Helen Mirren at 62 or Diane Keaton at 60.? Doesn’t that prove that age is nothing more than a number that says little, if anything, about who we are and what we’re capable of?

Although nobody can stop the aging process entirely, how old we appear is largely down to how we feel about ourselves.

Women who look younger than they are rarely suffer from Peter Pan syndrome. They aren’t immature, irresponsible children living in adult bodies, they’re people with a mature outlook on life but who live life to the full rather than sit back and use the aging process as an excuse to avoid anything new.

You’ll never hear women who look younger than their age say: “you can’t expect somebody my age to be able to do…” or anything similar. If they choose not to do something it’s because they have no interest in doing it not because they feel they are too old to do it.

Similarly younger looking women never force themselves to do something just to make themselves look younger.  Experience has taught them that they don’t need affirmation from others in order to feel satisfied with their lives.

Plastic surgery won’t necessarily make you look younger, either. You can have as many face lifts as you like but if your mind isn’t fresh and vibrant, you’ll appear rigid and frozen rather than looking younger.

Youthfulness comes from within. When you think young you’ll act young. The knock on effect will be that others perceive you as being far younger than your years – you really will look ten years younger!

Thinking young means staying in touch with today’s trends. While nobody’s suggesting you dress like a teenager – by wearing what’s now rather than what you wore ten years ago and keeping up with today’s music and technological advances, you’ll knock years off how you look and feel.

Anti aging beauty advice that requires nothing more than the right attitude has to be a good thing, surely?

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