Real botox in gel form a step away

real botox gelCrows feet – such an ugly name.

Call them laughter lines if you want but let’s face it – it’s not going to make them look any better and many of us would love to return to the days when our face was free of them.

Botox is the most popular anti aging procedure in the world for just this reason.

No wonder so many women concerned about the signs of aging have thought about botox injections to help erase the inevitable lines around the eyes.

Even the bravest of us think twice about needles and for many women it is a total deal breaker.

But what if someone offered you the anti aging dream ticket – real botox applied as a skin care product – without pain, downtime or high cost?

We all feel completely happy applying lotions, gels, serums and creams to our faces – even if they do contain quite potent anti aging ingredients.

Ask us to make that leap and think about injecting the same ingredients into our faces and it’s a different matter.

Skin care companies know this.

For years the holy grail of anti aging skin care research has been to create a topical product with real botox. Finally – it seems that goal may be on the horizon in the form of a new user friendly botox gel.

Developed in California by Revance Therapeutics, the new product is a clear topical gel containing Botulinum toxin A. That’s exactly the same toxin used in injectable botox to you and me.

As anti aging treatments go – applying botox gel is a relaxing experience and a far cry from the nervous wait for the first prick of the needle. The product is simply patted on to the delicate skin around the eyes and left to work it’s magic.

Revance Therapeutics claim that the botox gel will gently penetrate the layers of skin tissue and create the same “relaxing” effect on the underlying muscles as Allergan’s Botox and other cosmetic injectables, including Dysport and Xeomin.

After 30 minutes the gel is wiped away and thats it – no pain, no tears, no big deal – and allegedly – no wrinkles!

The development of botox gel was first reported in September 21 2011 by health website WebMD. The product has undergone two clinical studies, both of which have shown it to have positive results with few side effects.

The topical gel has not yet been compared head to head with injectable botox in clinical trials but the chances are – even if it gives a less intense result than Botox injections – a huge number of women would still buy it.

Advantages – apart from not having to face the dreaded needle – include time saved and wrinkle reduction at much lower cost.

Botox gel is undergoing a second round of clinical trials in order to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration, but overall prospects look good.

According to the manufacturers – we could be a short wait away from a product which will smooth crows feet without the anxiety and pain associated with injections.

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