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the-water-secretGenerally speaking I’m not that fond of beauty guru books – they always seem like one long infomercial for the author’s own products with little new to offer.

The Water Secret changed my view.

I bought the book at the back end of last year soon after it came out – mainly because I am an unashamed fan of Murad Skin Care and I was intrigued by the title.

After all most of us think we know about drinking water for skin health – how in any stretch of the imagination could that be called a secret?

Not about drinking water

Turns out that Dr Murad is not telling us to drink more water at all.

In fact quite the reverse. Drinking the recommended eight glasses of water a day – according to the doctor – will only result in lots of trips to the bathroom.

That is unless we take steps to make sure that essential hydration stays within our skin cells and that is what Dr Murad calls his “Water Secret”.

The sub title of the book is: “the cellular breakthrough to look and feel 10 years younger” and Dr Murad puts water at the center of this anti aging philosophy developed over decades in professional practice.

As cells are mostly made up of water they cannot function at their peak without water being continually replenished. Lack of hydration leads to the tissue damage we think of as the natural process of aging – wrinkles, dry skin, fatigue, mental decline, disease and ultimately death.

But drinking more water is definitely not the answer to hydrating cells.

In a key passage in the book, Dr Murad says: “The water secret is not just about drinking water – it is about getting water into the cells and connective tissue and keeping it there so that every cell can function at its full capacity.”

Eat your water rather than drinking it

The other part of the “secret” is that we should be aiming to eat not drink our water. What you eat actually matters far more than how much you drink.

Starting from the principle that just about all food contains water Dr Murad reminds us that natural whole foods have the highest amount. Not only that but it is only in whole foods that we get the superb health-giving and anti aging nutrients that will keep our cells in tip top condition.

Water from colorful fruit and vegetables is structured water because of these nutrients. It stays in your system longer than a glass of water whilst your body extracts and uses the powerful plant chemicals and antioxidants.

The more raw fruits and veggies we eat the better because cooking causes water loss and can destroy nutrients.

The Water Secret: 10 point plan

Dr Murad doesn’t just stop there – he provides a ten point plan for using the water secret to help your body heal and regenerate itself.

The motivation is that you get to feel and look fantastic – a new invigorated you in the ten weeks it takes to follow his ten point plan.

If you can’t do it in ten weeks that’s no problem – adjust the time it takes to suit you.

Dr Murad is a practising doctor who understands the difficulties we all face in changing the way we live our lives – particularly when it comes to ingrained habits about what we eat and drink. The book offers practical help to get you there including meal suggestions to help you live by the principles of the water secret.

Holistic approach to anti aging

The book’s ten point plan shows Dr Murad’s commitment to a holistic approach to looking and feeling great as you get older – there are some things on the list that might surprise you.

Some things are easy to achieve and some more difficult and which is which will be entirely unique to you.

The book is liberally sprinkled with case histories and commentaries from people Dr Murad has helped – many of them interesting and inspirational to read.

Speed of aging up to us says Murad

The tone and message of the whole book is upbeat – the key to understanding aging is that we have a lot of control over how much and how quickly we age.

He points out that whilst genes plays a part over 80% of what contributes to living longer and aging well is about lifestyle factors.

As Dr Murad says in the book: “True – aging is a fact of life. But looking your age is not and you get to choose how fast you age.” The key to that choice of course is the water secret.

The Water Secret is an enjoyable read

The writing style in the book is informative and descriptive – it is a very easy read despite the fact that some of the subject matter is complex.

Murad is very good at presenting complicated science in a simple and entertaining way – many pages offered a new way of looking at the aging process – things I had maybe only half understood before.

The great thing is you can jump in wherever you like and get a lot from each chapter or start at the beginning and allow the momentum of the water secret to grab you as it unfolds.

The water secret is packed with fantastic snippets of information and advice which you can pick out and immediately start using – whether or not you choose to follow the ten point plan right through.

The book represents fantastic value to anyone interested in keeping their looks and their health as they age – whether you’re a Murad fan like me or not!

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