Lauren Hutton: natural anti aging beauty

How many women have taken off their clothes for a major magazine in their sixties?

Not many. But that’s exactly what Lauren Hutton did – proving to the world that older women need not be ashamed of their bodies and that anti aging is a reality.

The motivation for agreeing to the photos was, she said, a rejection of society’s view that the older female body was something to be ashamed of .  She wanted to show mature women that they can simply be proud of their bodies as they are.

For that reason too – the photos were completely unretouched.

Compared to that act of bravery, wrestling aligators – as Hutton has famously done in the past – seems relatively risk free.

Lauren Hutton admits she was shocked when first approached.

Not so much because she felt she wasn’t attractive enough, but because she’d never expected a magazine to be interested in showing such pictures of a women at her age.

The fact that they were interested – and that the 10-page spread was so successful – proves how far women today have pushed the boundaries of age

Giving the lie to “here today gone tomorrow” celebrity, Hutton’s has been an enduring fame – and occasional notoriety.

She’s certain that her generation of women are never going to stop wanting to be attractive, and even though she herself was fired as the face of Revlon once she hit 40, she knows that beauty doesn’t stop with youth.

“Our wrinkles are our medals of the passage of life. They are what we have been through and who we want to be.”

Not a believer in plastic surgery Hutton does believe in making the most of what you have, and it was this philosophy that led her to create her own cosmetic range – ‘Good Stuff’.  After returning to modeling at 46, she noticed a distinct lack of products suitable for women ‘of a certain age’.

She also wanted products that would help women look beautiful, naturally.  As a model – with considerable experience of photo shoots, make up and beauty products – Hutton felt she could bring a lot to the development of a new range.  And she was right – the range is classy, well presented and keenly priced.

One of Lauren Hutton’s trademarks is the gap between her teeth – in many ways it symbolizes her whole attitude to anti aging beauty. Sometimes she covers it, sometimes not, depending on what’s required of her. She certainly never felt it necessary to have it permanently fixed, believing that ‘flaws’ are a natural part of a woman’s beauty – a thought we should all hang on to as the years roll by.

Lauren Hutton insists that competing against other women is self-defeating and will only serve to make you look ugly. In other words, every woman should be themselves, using make up with subtlety to enhance what they already have instead of trying to be something they’re not. She also believes in a careful skin care regimen and swears by estrogen as an anti aging supplement.

Although this isn’t without its risks, she insists that it’s good for your moods and good for your complexion. “It’s an old fiddle that plays the sweetest music,” says Hutton. And there’s much truth in that!

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