Isabella Rossellini effortless glamour at 58

When it comes to effortless glamour Isabella Rossellini has it in bucket loads.

The boundless charm, beauty and style that has driven her film career for more than 25 years – from her first iconic appearance in ‘Blue Velvet’ – seems set to continue  forever.  She makes looking younger seem so incredibly easy.

When we look at pictures of Isabella Rossellini today, it’s difficult to believe that aging hasn’t been without its problems, especially as her celebrity has been largely based on her looks.

After 14 years as the face of cosmetic giant Lancôme, at the age of 40 she was dropped for being ‘too old’. But as she moves into her late fifties, she’s no longer quite as worried about losing her looks and believes that beauty is far more than just a person’s physical features.

Like most celebrities – as well as women the world over – Isabella Rossellini retains an interest in anti aging and anti aging beauty products.  So much so that in the mid 1990’s she developed her own line of perfumes and cosmetics.  Manifesto was her first perfume and is still the best seller.  ‘Daring’ and ‘Isabella’ soon followed on the success of Manifesto – all reflecting her own independent spirit and attitude to aging.

She says that the idea of women needing to ‘”correct” their faces is something she finds depressing – so plastic surgery obviously isn’t her first port of call when offering anti aging beauty advice. She prefers in a simple but consistent anti aging skin care regimen.

“When you read women’s magazines you always read about this drama of getting old, about anti aging cream and plastic surgery and whatever else. But I think if you’re independent, like I’ve grown to be, aging is welcomed”

She doesn’t believe in beauty ‘standards’ – preferring women to be seen as unique individuals.  For this reason, she’s developed a line that allows women to retain and celebrate their individuality, something that’s reflected in her advertising campaigns.

Rossellini knows that – with enough money and the right physician – good looks can be bought.  But plastic surgery is still a process she’s uncertain about. One side of her argues that it’s a technology that should be explored while the other side argues that it’s unnatural and potentially disfiguring.

In the end though Rossellini accepts that when it comes to anti aging, each woman – whether she’s a celebrity or not – has to be in control of their own choices. If women truly want plastic surgery – or any other radical anti aging procedure – then they should be able to go for it.  The reality is that it’s probably not going to be for her.

Like other role models featured on these pages Isabella Rossellini firmly believes that the most beautiful women are those who remain true to themselves.

It’s those women who refuse to submit to anti aging beauty standards who are the most interesting and, ultimately, they’re the ones who eventually define what anti aging beauty really is.

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