How to avoid wrinkles

how-to-avoid-wrinklesYou may think that face wrinkles just happen – you can’t avoid them when you reach a certain age. But there are things we can all do to stop wrinkles from happening in the first place and they don’t involve needles or expensive skin care.

You may already be doing everything you can to prevent skin wrinkles – eating right, protecting your skin from the sun, not smoking, drinking lots of water.

One thing you may not have thought about is getting wrinkle free skin by training yourself to avoid certain facial expressions and body positions.

After all a wrinkle is simple a crease in your skin. Some face wrinkles are inevitable but what you do with your face and how you hold your body every minute of the day has a lot to do with it as well.

Here’s six things you can start doing now to help yourself on the way to being wrinkle free:

1. Cut down on your pillows – Sleep with one pillow not two to avoid a double chin and wrinkling around the neck.  You can also get special pillows with smooth satin material shaped to avoid wrinkle creasing.  There are several options on Amazon but this Anti Wrinkle Pillow is one of the best with 15 satisfied reviewers.

2  Don’t sleep on your front – squashing your face into your pillow is not good for your skin. If you often wake up with a crumpled face over time those creases will stick!

3. Don’t read in bed and if you do lie on your back with one pillow holding the book above you. Never prop yourself up with the book on your stomach – unless you want a double chin!

4. Stand up straight – Imagine you’re being pulled upright by a piece of string going through the center of your body and out of the top of your head. Standing up straight and holding your head properly means your face and neck are not pulled down or to the the side creating wrinkles and sagging.

5. Retrain your face – Frown lines and brow furrows don’t just happen – you cause them by making repeated facial movements. Sit in front of the mirror and see what happens when you frown or wrinkle your brow. Chances are you are doing this a lot without realizing it. Learn to recognize the sensation. Then hold you face still without frowning and wrinkling. Practice keeping your face still during the day – at first you’ll have to think about it and then it will come entirely naturally. Not only will you look better and feel much more positive but you’ll gradually remove the wrinkles and create smoother skin – without paying a fortune for botox!

6. Try some Frownies. A celebrity anti aging secret and now a big seller on Amazon – Frownies are small skin-colored adhesive papers you stick on your forehead preventing you from frowning. Sounds unbelievable doesn’t it? Apparently used regularly they really help frowns disappear and make your whole forehead smoother.  Amazing number of positive reviewers suggest they work.

OK to say you could be wrinkle free by following these steps is a bit of an exaggeration – but retraining your body and face can help prevent wrinkles and retain your younger look for longer.

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  1. If you cut down on salt you reduce water retention, including the fluid retention in a double chin, and the fluid retention that is dragging down the folds of skin on your face.

    • Eileen Gravelle says:

      Margaret – good point – fluid retention is not good for your skin and salt has other health implications too. Thanks for contributing.

  2. Confident says:

    Nice tips for those that care to stay looking younger without struggling with their finances

    • Eileen Gravelle says:

      Confident – thanks for commenting – you are right you can have less wrinkles without spending lots of money. Simple things we do everyday can be so effective.

  3. Aurelie Rides says:

    Prevention is the best cure. So instead of spending money on expensive anti-wrinkle creams, just take good care of your skin!

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