Courteney Cox’s plan for aging gracefully

Courteney-Cox-anti-aging-beautyCourteney Cox thinks she has discovered how to age gracefully – stop looking in mirrors.

Aging can be challenging for most of us but for those used to the celebrity spotlight – it can be very hard. The beautiful 45-year-old actress admits she is struggling a little with the aging process, but as yet – doesn’t want to revert to plastic surgery to look younger.

And it’s not Courteney Cox herself that has the problem with it.

While she isn’t opposed to plastic surgery and might consider it if the decision were left to her – she has to consider the wishes of her husband, David Arquette. David, apparently, has big problems with the thought of her going under the knife.

With her natural beauty and lovely bone structure and with so many non-invasive ways of looking younger – David may have a point. But what matters most of all in looking good for longer is feeling good about yourself. Dissatisfaction and anxiety will age you quicker than most things.

On the other hand focusing on inner beauty and boosting her looks with great anti aging skin care and an anti oxidant rich diet will make her stunning beauty last.

“I have issues with getting older… There are huge changes in my body and my face, and I obsess over them. “I just try to not have too many mirrors around… It’s hard getting older; it’s hard not to be the young one anymore.”

So the very best thing Courteney can do is to take a leaf out of Susan Sarandon’s book and deal with aging in a positive way – accept it as a natural process and love herself and her body as it changes.

Many of us may think that looking in the mirror and seeing Courteney Cox’s face looking back at us any morning would be a bonus.

Avoiding the mirror sounds like denial – especially as she has so much to celebrate in life.

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