Red light therapy: does Baby Quasar work?

red light therapy reviews baby quasarLed skin therapy is among the most affordable of in office treatments but the cost of sessions can build up and now may be a good time to consider investing in a home led device to save money in the long term.

This article is one of a series of red light therapy reviews and takes a look at one of the most talked about of the home led devices – Baby Quasar Red.

The makers of Baby Quasar – AdvanThera – make high spec professional led skin treatment devices for clinics and spas and the Baby Quasar is a scaled down version of these.

What is Baby Quasar?

Baby Quasar is a hand held LED (light therapy) device. It works the same way any LED red light therapy works – the light penetrates the skin and stimulates the production of collagen which produces the lifting and firming effect over time.

Baby Quasar uses different red and infrared wavelengths in a unique technology that the makers call ‘SequePulse’. The light also increases blood flow and stimulates cellular energy which helps the skin’s natural repair process to kick in.

There are two devices and the one to focus on for anti aging is the Baby Quasar Red – blue led light is used to treat acne.

Recently the company has introduced Baby Quasar MD which is more powerful version of the Baby Quasar Red and meant to offer true professional level results at home.

The concept behind Baby Quasar Red is that you take the spa home – you can use it to replace your professional treatments or – more likely – to maintain treatments between spa visits.

The unit doesn’t come cheap but like many people you may be prepared to make the investment provided the product delivers what is promised.

Does red light therapy work?

According to the makers – 90% of their tested users saw immediate benefits and significant reduction in the signs of aging.

These claims appear to be backed up by reviews on skin care sites and Amazon who have the device heavily discounted. Positive reviews comment on things like: more even skin tone, tighter skin, fading or eliminating pigmentation, less breakouts, reduced lines, reduced pores, plumper skin.

One reviewer sums up the positive comments: “I’ve been using the Baby Quasar Red for about nine months and I simply love it. I really believe my skin is re-plumping. My face feels fuller and I have fewer wrinkles. People keep asking if I had surgery”

Baby Quasar appears to be a well built, solid piece of equipment – made of aircraft grade aluminium no less.

Solid build is important as Baby Quasar is going to be used a lot and the last thing you want is to have to give it the kid gloves treatment. It’s meant to pamper you after all – not the other way round!

Is it easy to use?

Twenty four LED’s are contained in the unit’s head which looks a little like a small hand held microphone. It has three settings: a continuous wave mode, low pulse and high pulse. These three settings matter so you can vary the light frequency on your skin and get the best results without overdoing things.

One negative reviewer on Amazon comments that the instructions are poor and not easy to follow although from what I have seen it appears pretty straightforward. There are also a couple of how to videos on the company’s blog if you want to see it in action.

You need thoroughly cleaned skin and there are no special preparation products to buy. Baby Quasar recently introduced a special silk serum to apply after treatments to boost the anti aging effects but your own serum or face cream would be just fine.

Time might be an issue

Although it isn’t difficult to use – following the procedure carefully will take time and you may find it boring.

You have to divide your face into six areas each of which is treated with the device for 2 minutes at a time at low pulse and then the whole thing is repeated at the higher pulse setting.

According to users a complete facial skin treatment with the Baby Quasar takes around 30 minutes and you would be doing this 2-3 times a week in maintenance mode.

Personally I would apply a hefty dose of salt to that time estimate. One of the downsides of the device is the size of the led display – it’s small. A small LED display that you have to move around different areas means that you take more time to do the whole lot.

There are quite a few reviews online that state total time spent on applying the small unit head to all areas of your face, neck and decollete (if you want to treat them all) could be double the 30 minutes quoted.

Don’t forget that’s dead time too – many reviewers mention the sheer boredom of sitting holding the device to their faces and not being able to do anything else because their hands were occupied. This is something I can identify with – I used to use a small microcurrent device at home and I came to dread using it because of the time it took out of the day.

On the other hand you should factor in the time you take in spa treatments and the additional cost you would need to pay if you just got your red light therapy or a laser facial in office.

To be fair – there were as many reviewers who did not feel the time was an issue and some even felt it was a relaxing bit of “me time” that they welcomed.  I guess it depends on the kind of person you are and only you will know whether this process 2-3 times a week is something you would be willing to do.

Side effects are nil

LED light is bright and you shouldn’t look directly into the head but there is no need for goggles and no risks from the Baby Quasar device at all.

Your skin may go slightly pink – but that really is as bad as it gets. Some Baby Quasar Red reviews report that they have used the device to help heal cuts and insect bites quickly – far from damaging skin it speeds up cell turnover and repair.

Baby Quasar MD review

If you are likely to get really irritated with sitting doing nothing for the time it takes you could consider the Baby Quasar MD which is a stronger led unit requiring less time (average 12 minutes) to complete a full treatment.

The Baby Quasar MD device looks exactly the same and works in exactly the same way but the additional power is meant to deliver spa level performance at home more quickly than Baby Quasar Red.

Unfortunately – it will cost you quite a lot more – even on Amazon.  There are very few Baby Quasar MD reviews available currently – maybe because the higher price is putting purchasers off and most people are going for the original machine.

Having read through the reviews and looked at the two devices my view is the standard Baby Quasar is a better bet and represents better value – I don’t think you are likely to get the added value you are paying for in the more expensive Baby Quasar MD.

Hand held or table top LED?

You could also consider a table top led unit as an alternative time is likely to be an issue.  But don’t forget – the fact that it’s hand held gives it the advantage of flexibility – you can pop it in your purse and take it anywhere. A table top unit is much more awkward and you’re going to be stuck to using it at home only.

You can use Baby Quasar on any area of the face and body you like (with a few exceptions obviously). Results for hands and decollete seem to be very good – both areas where many of us are troubled by skin wrinkling and age spots.

Should you buy Baby Quasar?

Reviews of any anti aging device vary – expectations and reactions are different from person to person. On the plus side there are a lot of reviews on Amazon – giving you lots of helpful information if you are thinking of buying one. Overall the product scores well which seems to indicate it works overall and some of the details of improvements in skin tone, age spots and so on are quite impressive.

The main issues to think about are price and time commitment. In the end it all comes down to personal choice – are you going to loose patience or will you use Baby Quasar enough to get the full anti aging benefit of an led skin treatment at home?

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  1. Adrienne says:

    Hi, I have not recieved an answer through Facebook, so I will try here.
    I read in my BQ manual that it increases the effectiveness of moisturizers, creams that you apply before useing BQ…… Then I read on their FB pg that BQ should be used on a clean, dry face. I am confused.
    I am just starting a Retnoid gel and want to get this right…….Please advise.
    Thank you, Adrienne

    • Adrienne – thanks for your question. I would go to the official Baby Quasar website and report the confusion. Seems to me that whatever is in the manual should be the correct instruction. I haven’t used BQ but I have used other similar devices – I always started with a clean dry face and then applied serum or moisturizer afterwards. Chase it up with Baby Quasar direct – otherwise you could be doing it wrong and you will waste a lot of time and effort!

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