LED light therapy for rejuvenated skin

LED-light-therapyYou may have heard about LED light therapy as a treatment for skin conditions like acne and rosacea – but did you know the same therapy can also be used as a skin rejuvenation treatment?

If you want to give your skin an anti aging boost you definitely should consider an LED skin treatment.

Results appear to be impressive with less discomfort and downtime than laser facials and with a lower cost.

As with any anti aging treatment you need to do your research before you buy. If you are thinking about a treatment – find out what to expect, how LED light therapy compares with other forms of skin rejuvenation and – most importantly – will it actually work?

How does LED work?

LED light works on human tissue at a cellular level – transferring energy deep into the cell structure of the skin to help the human body repair itself.

In the same way plants need light to grow it can also speed up or slow down natural chemical processes in the cells of the human body.

Light has long been know to have health and anti aging benefits – LED skin treatment harnesses the power of red light to reduce or even eliminate some of the worst aspects of skin aging.

Anti aging LED from NASA research

Anti aging LED facial treatment emerged from ground breaking research using LED to treat the side effects of cancer and other serious illnesses.

Leading on from initial work at NASA where LED’s were used to speed up plant growth research with cancer patients revealed the power of red light skin therapy for rejuvenation.

Researchers noticed that LED light therapy regenerated skin tissue, boosted collagen production and improved the appearance of the skin. LED equipment was then developed for use by dermatologists to treat a range of skin disorders like acne and rosacea and as a pain free alternative to facial surgery for skin rejuvenation.

Red LED for anti aging

Red LED skin treatment is the one to go for if you want to improve your rosacea, remove skin blemishes and sun damage and get younger skin.

Red LED – Light Emitting Diodes – produce the same light frequencies as lasers but without the intense heat and tissue damage. LEDs produce a diffuse and even light that penetrates more deeply than laser light and is easily applied over the whole area of treatment.

For many people the results from LED skin treatment are immediate and very positive. Fine lines, enlarged pores and broken capillaries are reduced and skin is smoother, firmer and more even.

Less invasive than laser therapy

We all know about lasers in anti aging treatments – mainly for skin resurfacing. But there can be harmful side effects and downtime which are also well known.

Lasers have high power density and focused energy – that means they generate a great deal of heat which can be used to burn off surface skin.

The great thing about LED skin treatment is that LED uses the body’s own natural processes to rejuvenate your skin. It is a totally natural form of non surgical face lift and is very appealing compared to facial surgery or skin resurfacing which damage the skin, causing pain and trauma.

How many LED sessions?

The recommended frequency of red LED skin treatments is one 30 minute session every 7 to 10 days for 6 weeks. Maintenance treatments are recommended every 30-60 days.

If you choose your skin doctor carefully then they will be using a quality LED device with inherent safety built into the design. Excellent machines in wide use are Revitalight, Lumiphase and LumiLift – but there are many more. With a reputable skin clinic your LED skin treatments will be pain free – even relaxing and enjoyable – and there will be no recovery or downtime.

“You’re not going to take somebody who is 60 and turn them into a 20 year old but it is very clear that you can take people’s skin and make them look younger and more vibrant.” David Goldberg, MD Director Skin Laser & Surgery Specialists, New York

Anti aging results from LED

Clinical results for red LED skin treatment have been excellent – subjects report: overall lifting and hydrating of skin, improvement in skin tone and texture, evening out of pigmentation, smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles and a feeling of well being and relaxation. There were no reported problems.

LED skin treatment is FDA approved, gentle, painless, safe and effective. Amazing though it may seem LED skin treatment is completely non invasive and non abrasive and yet the red light penetrates deeply into skin tissue.

From the comments I have looked at on review sites and forums – most people who go for them are glad they did and after a huge amount of time searching I have yet to find a seriously negative comment.

Cost of LED light therapy

The costs are affordable – especially compared to other skin rejuvenation techniques. One session of LED light therapy costs around $65 and if you have a full course of 6 treatments the total will come in under $400.

Don’t forget maintenance though – top up treatments are extra and you’re then looking at spending $65 or so for an LED skin treatment once every 4-6 weeks. In other words somewhere between $600-800 each year. It’s important to build this amount into your budget.

LED skin treatments are certainly one of the best value treatments for skin rejuvenation you can opt for at a skin clinic.

If you’re tempted by the benefits of LED skin treatments but hesitant about the cost – think about a home LED skin treatment device. The market for hand held LED skin treatment devices is quite new but there are some very impressive models like Baby Quasar already out.

Whatever you choose to do – in my opinion – an LED skin treatment is a very effective anti aging choice and you are unlikely to waste your hard-earned money.

It seems as far as skin rejuvenation goes – the choices for us all just get better and better!

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