Olivia Newton John aging gracefully

olivia-newton-johnBorn in England in 1948 from where she moved to Australia as a young child, Olivia Newton John has enjoyed an incredibly busy professional life spanning more than three decades.

Winning a talent contest in 1965 that took her back to England at the age of 16 – she became the star of a British TV hit alongside Cliff Richard.  From there her careeer blossomed into film and and long-lasting celebrity status in the US.

Despite being almost in her 60’s, Olivia continues to tour relentlessly and her music has retained its popularity throughout the world.

One of her most memorable achievements was her part as Sandy Dumbruski in the film Grease. Even though she was almost thirty, she convincingly played the part of an 18 year old innocent and demure high-school student. How many women could pull that off?

So how does Olivia manage to stay looking younger?  Even as she approaches sixty there’s no doubt that she’s aged incredibly well, and that’s achieved  without plastic surgery.  

She’s publicly announced that no only has she not had any plastic surgery done – she has no intention of going under the knife, either. She believes in relaxation and aging gracefully, something she’s doing very well.

So what are her anti aging secrets? According to the lady herself – a great diet.  She doesn’t eat corn or wheat and as she has done since childhood eats lots of rye bread, fresh fruit and vegetables. 

She also takes a calcium supplement for her bones and is ruthless in following a regular anti aging skin care regimen – make-up is removed every night without fail and her skin thoroughly moisturized.

While it’s probable that good genes also play a role in how well Olivia Newton John has aged enabling her to remain looking young and healthy, there’s absolutely no doubt that a healthy diet has a positive effect on anti aging.

Olivia Newton John is a woman with a sense of purpose – a woman who uses her privileged position to bring about positive change in the world through charitable work.

One project that’s especially close to her heart is The Olivia Newton-John Cancer Center in Victoria, Australia. Having battled with breast cancer herself in 1993, Olivia fully understands the need for a relaxing atmosphere in which patients and their carers can enjoy a host of complimentary treatments including massage, exercise, meditation, art therapy and other relaxation techniques, all of which are beneficial to healing and an improved sense of self.

There’s no doubt in Olivia’s mind that relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation were important to her own healing and that a clear, relaxed mind helps keep her fit and looking young.

And who doesn’t remember her 1980s smash-hit ‘Physical’ and the accompanying video where she attempted to teach an aerobics class of very unfit men? She wore a pink jog-suit then, and it still fits her now!  How’s that for anti-aging?

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