Does your doctor use a VeinViewer?

vein-treatmentIf you are thinking about an in office treatment for your spider veins or varicose veins then you might want to find a clinic with a VeinViewer.

Developed by Luminetx Corporation of Memphis, the VeinViewer was launched commercially in 2006 and has been widely used in hospitals and doctor’s offices with great success ever since.

The VeinViewer is appreciated equally by medical personnel and by patients since it makes the whole process of accessing veins during vein treatments like sclerotherapy easier and much less painful.

The VeinVewer can be used in any procedure where the clinician needs to access a vein – anything from routine blood tests to more invasive and crucial procedures involving the insertion of a line. For instance – carrying essential medication or chemotherapies in cancer treatments.

VeinViewer has also be used successfully in cosmetic treatments like sclerotherapy for the removal of spider veins where each individual vein needs to be located and treated with chemical agents

The VeinViewer enhances the contrast between the veins and their surroundings by illuminating the skin with infrared light.

The image of the area of interest is then captured and software is used to enhance the vein contrast. The enhanced image of the vein and surrounding area is then finally projected back on to the skin so it exactly overlays the target area.

“These spider veins are fed from a feeder vein which often isn’t visible. If you try to treat the spider veins without treating the feeder vein, it doesn’t work. The VeinViwer can see the feeder veins – every one of them every time – making vascular surgery a lot easier and more effective.”
Herbert Zeman, Chief Research Officer, Luminetx

The VeinVeiwer is a huge bonus for patients – especially where veins are weakened through illness or difficult to access for other reasons.

For particularly anxious or needle shy patients it is a fantastic invention – allowing the doctor or nurse to get it right first time.

Seeing your own veins through the vein veiwer is something which definitely takes the mind off what’s actually happening and almost makes the process fun.

If you are considering a vein treatment procedure in the near future – it may be s worth finding out whether your clinician uses a vein veiwer or finding one that does.

It might make all the difference to how comfortable your sclerotherapy treatment is!

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