Makeup tips for gray hair

gray hair make upGray hair can change the way you look in more ways than one.

If you’ve decided to go gray or you already have gray hair – you need to take a look at what you’re doing with your makeup. It’s all too easy to let your hair go gray and forget about your face.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking because your hair is natural then your face should stay as nature intended too.

The reverse is true – gray hair color means that your makeup needs more attention not less. The real trick is to make it look like it’s natural even if you spent time on it.

You may not have bothered with makeup before but going gray means you should start. If you are light skinned – gray hair will definitely make your complexion look more pale and could give you a washed out look. You need more colorful makeup to boost your skin tones and define your features.

Here’s some simple tips for getting makeup for gray hair right first time:

1. For lips – use rose, red, apricot or peach but NOT brown shades. Brown looks too muddy and dull with your gray hair. You need to add warmth and life to your complexion and a good color lipstick will do just that. Use a cream lipstick for a soft shine rather than a mat formulation.

2. A blusher is a must to add warmth to your skin. Go for rose tones and pastels. Cream or cream-powder is best to avoid a powdery or dry look which can be very aging.

3. For brown eyes choose a gray or brown palette of eyeshadows and for blue eyes – you need a trio palette of gray, slate and navy

4. Pay attention to your eyebrows. Brows matter as we get older – the problem is they tend to lose definition and hair regrowth is weak. When you’ve gone gray you need more definition to your brows as your hair will be giving you less. Keep brows shaped and add a boost of subtle color with a brow shaper or brow pencil. If you’re using a pencil apply it against the direction of the hair growth for a more natural look. Then gently smooth back in place with brow brush or your finger. Finish with an eyebrow gel to separate and style the brow hairs – choose a natural colorless shade like the one from Bobbi Brown.

5. Choose a new makeup base – check out your current color in the daylight with a mirror and move up a shade if it’s too pale. Gray hair tends to drain color from the face and you will probably find what worked with your previous hair color no longer looks good. Try a little light reflecting polish on your cheeks – over your blusher to add a subtle gleam and lift your look.

6. Use a concealer for under eye shadows – the blue gray area under your eyes will be intensified by the gray of your hair and you could end up looking more tired than you really are. Try a yellow based concealer and apply under your foundation.

Try out your new makeup at home and experiment until you find the look that works. Surprisingly your new gray hair will probably make you look younger rather than adding extra years.

With the right make up you and your gray hair will look fabulous!

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  1. Brian Mchugh says:

    I want you to know to make something of it that for a year or so now I have fended off grey hair by putting camphor and aloe on it where I see white, My theory is evergreens and also cactus for anti agining and eygptian legend for siamese,

    • Very interesting – the difficulty of course is knowing how grey your hair would have been without the camphor and aloe! Thanks for the tip – I wonder how it works?

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