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Weight loss over forty tipsHealthy weight loss over forty can seem like an uphill battle and the older you get the more difficult it can seem.

As middle age hits sometimes it seems impossible to lose the flab. The decline in metabolic rate means those pounds stay put, and it takes a lot of work to get them off even though you know very well that being over weight and over forty is not a good combination.

The secret to healthy weight loss at any age is really no secret at all, just a simple mathematical fact.

You have to use more energy than you take in to shed the pounds and you have to do it as part of a long term anti aging strategy. Losing weight if you need to is vital to looking younger and staying healthy. Simple to say – but it can be hard to do.

What you need is some help and advice from people who have done it. There’s no shortage of diet and fitness sites on the web offering weight loss tips – so here’s my pick of the best:
1. Boost your activity levels – physical activity raises your metabolism, causing you to lose more weight, more quickly than dieting alone.

2. Drink green tea – Green tea is proven to boost metabolism and helps you shed excess fat around your middle. You need to around four cups of green tea a day or take a good green tea extract.

3. Go for permanent change –  You may use a diet to get your weight down to start with but you need to make the weight loss permanent – change your long term eating habits for good.

4. Find a weight loss program that suits you and follow it. What suits one person will be no good for another. could work for you and go for it.

5. Start reading food labels. You should know what’s in the food that you’re putting in your mouth. Check both the ingredients list and the nutritional facts, especially the serving sizes.

6. Tell your familyyou need help and support and someone to share the highs and lows with.

7. Go public – tell everyone. It’s much more difficult to quit if everyone knows what you said you would do.

8. Find an exercise program that you will enjoy and follow it regularly – it has to be something you want to do and not something you dread

9. Use music – Music can help you zone out and get moving whether it’s on a mat at home, in the gym, doing some yard work – music can help

10. Eat half size first helpings. Put only half what you think you need to eat on your plate to start.

11. Wait 20 minutes before second helpings. Your body takes around this time to send messages to the brain that you’re full. Give your brain time to catch up!

12. Use a smaller plate. Self-deception – but it works! Using a small plate means that a full sized portion just looks gross – you’ll feel you’re eating more than you are and you’ll be able to make do with less more easily.

13. Drink more waterespecially when you feel a hunger pang. It’s easy to mistake thirst for hunger and a glass of water can stop you feeling hungry.  Start every meal with a glass.

14. Don’t compare with other people. Your body is different from anyone else’s and you will lose and gain weight in different ways. Two people following the same program won’t have the same results, so don’t get discouraged if you can’t lose weight as easily as a friend or other people in a weight watchers group.

15. Accept that men lose weight quicker than women – If you’re dieting with your male partner, he may shed weight more quickly. Women are biologically programmed to retain fat around areas like hips and thighs.

16. Take a multi vitamin supplementit can improve your health overall and help you to lose weight a little faster.

17. Don’t give up just because you have a relapseone piece of cake or pizza doesn’t mean that you have ruined the diet. It’s your calorie intake over time that matters not on any one day.

18. Set yourself a target weightFind out what your ideal weight is (based on your BMI) and target that as your end goal.

19. Go ‘cold turkey’ on junk food It contains very high levels of salt, sugar and fat – all of which is bad.  It comes in portions that will make you gain, rather than drop pounds. Convenience is not worth the extra fat it makes you put on. Go for permanent weight loss and switch to healthier fresher food and you’ll look younger and feel fitter almost instantly.

20. Don’t obsess over the bathroom scalesWeigh yourself regularly but no more than once a week at the same time. Your weight will change throughout the day and you need to keep your eye on the overall trend, not a daily number.

21. Build up your musclesdo some resistance or load bearing exercise. Muscle mass raises your metabolic rate and helps you burn fat.

22. Set realistic weight loss goalsAchieving healthy weight loss means losing around two pounds a week. You could lose a little more in the early weeks – depending on how overwight you are.

23. Record your success – take photos of your progress as you lose weight and share it with other people.  Try buying a bag of sugar for every 2 pounds of weight you lose and sit it on your desk where you can see it. When you’ve lost quite a lot – fill up a rucksack or sportsbag and try carrying it around for a bit to remind yourself how life used to be. Or do what I did and keep a weight loss diary – great to look back on and see how far you’ve come.

24. Eat low GI Foodeat as many low glycemic index foods as possible.  Foods that take time to convert to blood sugar help you feel full for longer. Eating low GI food can make quite a difference if you are fasting once or twice a week to lose weight – it helps you stay full for longer.

Whatever weight loss program you go for – it all comes down to eating less and exercising more.

Find a way that suits you to take in less calories than you use up each day and you will lose weight. However you get there – losing weight over 40 is one of the best ways to look younger and feel great.

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  1. Great article! Weight management is tough by the time you hit 35. I had a baby at 25 then another at 36. At 25 I blinked an eye and it was gone. 36 was a whole new story.

  2. Great tips! Experience allows me to totally back up your advice on green tea and water. Also, drinking lots of water seems to combat that hollowed-out appearance many people get when losing weight!

    My other lifesaver was a treadmill. When the weather’s warm, I can walk/jog outside but my asthma turns on me if I try to walk outdoors when it’s cool.

    Our treadmill is probably the best investment we’ve ever made.

  3. I tried losing weight many times and have not made it. I found 3 sites that really helped me maintain motivation.
    thatsfit.com – all of these sites really maintain good tips and I am 47 and have lost 54 pounds this year with 20 more to go.

  4. Im 43yrs old and im 5ft 1inch and weigh 14.8 st. Im thinking of getting phen375 and a diet shake and walking my dog 2 help me lose weight. Can u recommend a strong but affordable anti-aging pill and face cream that can turn back the years? Im so depressed and desparate with my weight and aging situation. Help!

    • Maud – I’m sorry you feel bad about your weight and getting older at the moment. The only sure fire way to lose weight is to eat less than you use up in energy terms. My approach is whatever helps you to do that is good. I used a program called Eat Stop Eat – you can find it online. It is totally simple and worked extremely well for me. My experience is that we almost expect to gain weight with age and so we accept it when we pile on the pounds gradually over 40 – at least that’s what happened to me. I think if you can get control of your weight you will look and feel so much better – so start there as you are doing. Exercising more will get you to your target weight quicker. Take a look at the anti aging nutrition section on this site for some advice about what will help to give you the best anti aging diet. The anti aging skin care section has lots of articles about face creams with some recommended products. Hope that helps!

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