Have you inherited your response to stress?

You may be more likely to react badly to stress if your parents didDo stressed out parents produce stressed out kids? According to psychiatrists there is a link. Parental stress places the child at a great risk of becoming stressed as well.

Besides the genetic risk of becoming stressed, children of stressed parents also learn the tendency to get stressed out in reaction to life’s challenges and this is copied directly from our parents.

Since stress accelerates the aging process – inheriting a stress gene could be bad news for your anti aging health.

There’s no doubt we all respond differently to situations – what causes panic and deep anxiety to one person fails to disturb another. It is actually the way each of us reacts to a given situation that determines the level of stress we experience.

Doctors at the Mayo Clinics believe that situations that create stress are as unique as you are. Your personality, genes and experiences influence how you deal with stressors.

British medical research has gone even further suggesting a link with the state of mind of the mother whilst the baby is in the womb – the blood flow to the placenta is reduced where the mother is stressed.

According to research published in the British Medical Journal this in itself may be sufficient to make it more likely that the child will suffer a poor reaction to stress later in life.

Our genes also control the three endorphin groups, which make up our stress hormones. As a result our reactions to physical and emotional stress could also be “genetic.” In other words, how our parents or great-grandparents responded to stressful situations may in part determine how we handle ourselves today!

As a daughter of stressed out parents you are less likely to be able to handle stressful situations positively in your own life – partly through the genes you inherited and partly through watching your parents react to stress badly in their own lives.

For those of us who are parents – there’s another lesson here. If you’re the stressed parent of a young child – watch how you behave. You may not be able to do much about passing on your genes but your reaction to stress will influence your child’s own ability to manage stress later in life.

Learning to manage stress more positively will be a real boost for your own healthy aging – not only that but your children will benefit too.

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