Ten ideas for a home gym on a budget

home-exercise-equipmentThe cost of gym membership can seem like a luxury in these cash strapped times – especially if you don’t go as often as you should. But getting enough exercise – weight bearing and cardio – is important for anti aging health.

Even the most committed gym bunny may want to top up at home between visits. Setting up a home exercise area can be a great way to stay fit without spending a fortune.

The key thing is not to try and reproduce what the best gyms offer. That’s really what a gym membership buys – use of expensive exercise equipment without the outlay.

But do you really need the high cost hardware to keep fit?

It certainly didn’t used to be that way – go back fifty years and no one would have thought a rowing machine or vibrating plate were essential to keep them fit.

Even high calibre sports men and women years ago trained in a much more simple way – using exercise routines often based on army keep fit manuals.

High tech fitness equipment back in your grandfather’s day was a ball or a skipping rope.

So – find a space in your home to make your own and get started with these ten great tips:

  1. Store equipment out of sight – use a large storage crate to keep your exercise equipment in so you can keep it tidy and out of sight. A large wicker basket is ideal.
  2. Keep a music source close by – exercising to music is much more enjoyable and feels more sociable. Music keeps you moving and energetic.
  3. Work out on an exercise ball – an exercise ball is a great bit of starter kit – not expensive and easy to use. It stores easily, doesn’t take up much room and can be used in all kinds of routines. Buy a good quality ball that will last and make sure it’s the right size for your height and weight.
  4. Try skipping – a simple skipping rope is great for a cardio workout the old fashioned way – who needs an exercise machine? It’s cheap (or you can even ‘borrow’ one from the kids), stores easily and most of us know how to use one without instruction.
  5. Buy a hula hoop – follow the first lady and try hula hooping which combines core strength exercise with cardio. You need to get a weighted hoop designed for adult exercise – a child’s version is too light and is actually more difficult to use. You can buy collapsible hoops which store away in a drawer for very little and Hoopnotica do DVD’s to show you how to workout or hoopdance. YouTube does the same for free.
  6. Throw in a  set of dumbells – for resistance and strength training. A set of dumbells take little room and won’t cost a lot. Dumbell training can also be incorporated into your cardio exercise routine or core exercise program.
  7. Exercise on a mat – a good mat is essential. The mat will absorb impact during aerobic exercise and give you a a comfortable surface for floor exercises. Exercise mats roll and store easily and don’t cost much. Save money by using an old rug or carpet but make sure it has a no slip base.
  8. Add weights to your exercise routine – Weights for strapping to your arms and legs are good to aid muscle and bone building exercise – essential for anti aging health. You can start with a set and see how you go – again they cost little compared to large pieces of equipment.
  9. Use tins instead of weights –  try out weight training before you spend any money – replace your weights with tins from your store cupboard – choose itns you can comfortably hold in your hand.
  10. Don’t buy exercise kit – just raid your closet for some comfortable clothes to wear to exercise in – you don’t need special expensive kit. Cotton stretch leggings and a tee shirt are ideal.  It’s much easier to do this at home – who cares what you look like?

With this simple set up – you can start a great home exercise routine and maybe find you can give up gym membership for good

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